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Instructions for visa application

1. Office hours for public:
9:00 - 11:30 ; 13:30 -16:30 from Monday to Friday (Exept Vietnamese and Thai public holidays).

2. Consular Section Telephone:
+66 (0) 2 251 3552; +66 (0) 2 251 5838; +66 (0) 2 251 7202 or 02 650 8979.

3. General information:
3.1. Visa is required for all visitors, except citizens of some countries for short stay (Thai, Laotian, Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean are exempted for up to 30 days; Philippino for up to 21 days; nationals of Japan, Republic of Korea, Norwegian, Finlander, Denish and Swedish are exempted for up to15 days. Updated information about visa exemptions is available at the Embassy).
3.2. Applicant can personally or delegate to the third person/ agency to carry out the  procedures of visa application.
3.3. Following documents are requested to submit to the Embassy for all kinds of visa:
-- a. The original PASSPORT with blank pages for visa stamp. The expiry date of the passport should not be earlier than 6 months since the date of departure from Vietnam.
-- b. One completed application form, one copy PASSPORT.
-- c. One passport-size photographs: one is stapled or glued firmly to the application form.
-- d. Approval from Immigration Authority or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam.
-- e. Visa fee (Visa fee should be paid in Thai Baht by cash; Holders of Diplomatic Passports and members of Diplomatic or Consular Missions who are going on their official missions are exempted from visa fees – this practice is subject to reciprocal treatments between Vietnam and concerned Countries; For update of fee information, please contact the Visa Section of the Embassy).
3.4. The application form is available at the Embassy or can be printed out in the forms folder.
3.5. It takes from 1 to 4 days to process a visa.
3.6. Tourist visa is valid for one month, you can ask for normal or express visa.


A. The official websites of the Embassy of Vietnam in the Kingdom of Thailand are:

B. Visitors must obtain a valid visa issued by the Embassy of VietNam in the Kingdom of Thailand before boarding for their travel to Vietnam.

C.According to current Vietnamese Immigration Laws (Ordinance on entry, exit, residence of foreigner in Vietnam dated 28/04/2000; Decree No. 21/2001/ND-CP dated 28/05/2001; Circular No. 04/2002/TTLT-BCA-BNG dated 29/01/2002 to implement related Ordinance and Decree), visitors can ONLY apply for a VISA UPON ARRIVAL at Vietnam’s international airports under the following circumstances:

 ·  Being invited by Vietnamese government; 

 ·  Attending funerals of family members;

 ·  Taking care of family members who are seriously ill;

 ·  Providing technical emergency support; medical care for seriously-ill patients; natural disaster and epidemic relief in Vietnam;

- Others emergencies/

D.The Embassy therefore SHALL NOT take responsibility for any problems or legal consequences caused by these online visa services, including leaks of personal information, denial of visa or denial of entry on arrival.

Please contact our visa officers TEL: +66 (0) 2 251 3552 , +66 (0) 2 251 5838; +66 (0) 2 251 7202  ext  112, 116,

FAX:  +66 (0) 2 251 7201; +66 (0) 2 251 7203 for assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation./.

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